Isaiah 43, Fear Not


It came to me at the perfect time. I had been working really hard on a project and seeing little to no return. The doubt began to creep in. That’s the thing, the egoic mind likes it when you are vulnerable. And I felt vulnerable alright.

Here I was on the Beltway, heading to a meeting. I switched lanes and noticed a white minivan with a license plate that read, Isaiah 43.

But I was lost in thought. Worry had taken root. Should I try to change strategies with this  project? What if that doesn’t work? Maybe I should…what if I could? This project is just…too much. What was I thinking? 

On and on my mind rambled. Then that white minivan found it’s way back to me, in front of me this time. Isaiah 43. Traffic began to slow until eventually we were at a dead stop now. All…

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Opening Doors


One day I am at Lifeway (Christian store) with my good friend and editor, Kelly White. At the time, I was reading a lot of football biographies- James Brown, Tony Dungy- which were all written by Nathan Whitaker.

As I stood in front of the book shelf, I grabbed my next read. It was Tim Tebow’s book, also written by Whitaker. So I pointed to the author’s name and said to Kelly, and I quote:

“I want to be the next Nathan Whitaker.”

An avid reader pretty much my entire life, guess how many times I’ve said I wanna be the next blah, blah, author up until that point?

Exactly zero.

Fast forward two years and I am headed to the grocery store after doing my regular volunteer gig at Homecoming Project, Inc. Kelly has been asking me if I could consult on a fiction football book she’s been editing…

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