Maryland Golden Gloves: It’s On, Cody Eisner

Cody Eisner is prepared. On Saturday, this Fallston boxer will enter the ring to claim his domain. And if things go his way, he’ll step out with the Maryland Golden Gloves. 
He’s worked hard to get where he’s at.  He’s made sacrifices along the way.  What 16-year
old do you know who pays attention to protein and fiber intake?   What high school junior
do you know who is in bed by 9 p.m. because he gets up at the crack of dawn to get in
some extra running time?  
He trained the way he said he would: hard. So come fight time, it will be that much easier.  The gloves he uses for sparring and training weigh in at 16 ounces apiece.  The gloves he’ll use in battle Saturday weigh only 10 ounces.  The advantage this 12 oz (two gloves, people) gives him is clear, more velocity and power with each punch.  Faster. Stronger. It’s all been a part of his plan. 
Who has Cody watched in the ring to help develop this plan?  Mike Tyson.  So here’s a little eye-candy courtesy of you-tube to demonstrate why.  And maybe, just maybe it will give Cody an extra inspiration if and when he needs it.  (Don’t like rap music? Turn down the volume.)
Tyson was the undisputed heavywieght champion of the world, and at the age of 20, the youngest boxer to do so, a record that still remains. In the ring, he is menacing. Maniacal. He also has a well-documented and sordid past.  Cody’s thoughts on Tyson’s past? “He grew up in the toughest neighborhood in America.  We don’t know how he grew up and what he went through. If people knew the stuff he went through…[they’d] probably be the same way.”  Besides, Cody is not looking to emulate him out of the ring, just inside.  
Incidentally, Tyson’s first trainer- Kevin Rooney- has been working with Cody in the ring at the Baltimore Boxing Club recently.  The Baltimore Boxing Club is Cody’s professed second home.
Cody spars with people older, more experienced and heavier to make the most ot of his time and efforts.
Cody spars with people older, more experienced and heavier to make the most of of his time and efforts.

Did you know that Cody has two tattoos?  His first one, on his upper right arm, is dedicated to his Uncle Tim who passed away.  The name Allen is also noted in this piece for a close friend of the family who also passed away.  The second one is on his rippled stomach, the word IRON emblazoned across it. The iron reference doesn’t have anything to do with Tyson, though. It is the German translation of Eisner.   

Let’s hope Cody doesn’t mix up these two passions. That is, his worship for Tyson in the ring and his love for body ink and put them together, it could get ugly.  Cody has promised to keep needles away from his face.  Phew!  


Saturday’s fight takes place at the Sugar Ray Center in Landover.  Cody squares off with Mike Reed, a 16-year old who trains out of Clinton, MD. at the Dream Team Boxing Club.  Reed faced Jonathon Burros last week and won (when Cody had the bye).  To read more about Cody’s journey go here.  Since there were only three qualified boxers participating in Cody’s weight class- the junior olympics, this is it. 

This is the one!  If Cody wins…this is the beginning of realizing a dream.  It starts with the Maryland Golden Gloves.

It's like he's got happy feet.

Good Luck, Cody!

Photo credit: Mike Tyson, aol images.


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