Thanks Rod

    Ravens fans had a little something, something to cheer about with Rod Woodson’s Hall of Fame induction Saturday.  Even though his career is pretty much defined by the black and gold, he won his one and only ring in purple. Congrats Rod (and thanks again). 

Photo courtesy Ravens website
Photo courtesy Baltimore Ravens website

      “I spent four years in Baltimore and got a Super Bowl ring. I’m very happy and proud to be a Baltimore Raven, but Pittsburgh gave me my opportunity to come in the league in 1987. Unfortunately, we never won a Super Bowl.”  -from Ravens website.  Woodson also thanked Steeler nation for booing him when he put on a Ravens uniform, testifying that the Ravens/Steelers have had one of the hottest rivalries in the NFL for a good while now.      


One thought on “Thanks Rod

  1. Congratulations to Rod Woodson for making it to the Hall of Fame. Woodson was one of those DB’s that I loved to watch regardless of team. To me, he was a prototype of what we see with Ed Reed today.

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