Game On, Preseason- That Is

     It’s hard to get jacked up about preseason games, but come on now, the Ravens are hosting the Redskins.  That’s got to be worth a little something extra, no?

     Consider that the last time these two teams met in preseason, 8/25/07, Washington beat the Ravens at Fed Ex Field, 13-7, in a punctuated version (thunderstorms, third quarter).

     I know, I know.  None of this matters since we are talking preseason.  Leave it to “Harbs”— head coach John Harbaugh to keep things in perspective:  “You find out so much about your team in the preseason games.  As much as we try, we can’t simulate games in training camp. We need the competition from another team.”    

     So like Harbaugh, we as Ravens fans, are on a fact-finding mission while we trash-talk that other Maryland team we like to beat up on. We know our starters and the stars and we will be joyful to see them in a couple of plays, but we are about to get a glimpse of some fresh purple meat. 

  • Rookie Tackle Michael Oher, he’s got a book and a movie, but does he have a story to tell the boys of the NFL?
  • Who is our kicker? Steven Hauschka handles duties in the first half while Graham Gano goes with the second half. 
  • Oh snap…Can Matt Birk wear The (real) Color Purple and handle the hand off for our QB/s?
  • Wide receivers, Mark Clayton (hamstring) and Derrick Mason (finger) are out,  who are you throwing at Joe: Demetrius Williams, Marcus Smith, Kelley Washington or Justin Harper?
  • DE Paul Kruger has some big shoes to fill and is expected to start in place of Terrell Suggs.
  • Ray Rice should head up the ground attack leaving Willis McGahee on the bench chomping at the bit. I like it.
  • Troy Smith, the consummate team player and backup for Flacco, man oh man, what a difference a year makes for this cat.

     So, what will you be watching for Thursday as the Ravens take it up a notch? 

     Let’s go Baltimore, time to get your game on.


5 thoughts on “Game On, Preseason- That Is

  1. Great write up! I’ll be there tomorrow. Usually I’m not into football this early, but the Orioles need to show me something in the next month and a half.

    Preseason really doesn’t mean anything, but I’m excited for the football atmosphere.

  2. I am stoked. Got tickets from a great friend and will be taking my wife. I love any chance to beat the deadskins! I feel like a kid at Christmas! I cant wait to see the new guys in action. I am freaking out I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON……..

  3. The boys are back in town! Well, you know what I mean.
    And everyone is in a good mood at my office today.

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