Sports Round Up

     Much is going on in the sports world, both local and national.  

  • So Michael Vick has found himself a new home in Philadelphia.  And gaging from the temperment of sports talk radio today, the free-loving world seems to be blown up about it.  

This news doesn’t shock me and if I was a Philly fan, I’d expect to see haters step in line.  And they are- and then some.  But I’m not a Philly fan.  Still, I’m glad Vick is getting a chance with another team.  Good luck to him. 

Make no mistake, I’m an animal lover as much as the next gal.  He’s done his time and he’s earned this opportunity.  I hope he uses this spotlight to draw attention to this horrific practice and culture.     

  • We had to give up our tickets for the Ravens/Redskins game. Oh man, what a game it was! 

It’s nice to be back in the win column in Baltimore, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s preseason- but with the O’s woes I’ll take what I can get.  How about tough man, Michael Oher?  Another tough guy in Paul Kruger… Troy Smith looking good… Ray giving the game ball to our new defensive coordinator, Greg Mattison. Things are good in the purple nation.  Gotta love that we shut down Washington.  Just shut them down.  

  •  The Cal Ripken World Series is here.  Take the drive to Aberdeen and check it out, you will be glad you did.  This is sport at it’s purest. 
  • Orioles bench-warmer (left field) Felix Pie hit for the cycle tonight?  Seriously.  

So let’s see, what Orioles have ever hit for the cycle?  Robinson, Ripken, Huff and now Pie.  I thought Huff’s name was a bit out of place, but I was warming to the idea but now…Pie?  Damn.  Guess some congrats are in order.  

  • The Maryland Sting football team appears to be on a roll. These local guys won last Saturday, 21-14 and up their season record to 3-1. 

     Props go out to defensive guru Ryan Moody for striking fear into the opposing qb and reeling in two sacks (8 tackles).  Gregory Onyiuke and Billy Warner contributed big with seven tackles apiece while Carl King also knocked down six.  To check out all the stats go here.

    The Sting travels to Montgomery County to stave off the Rams at Theodore Roosevelt High School at 6 p.m. Saturday.



10 thoughts on “Sports Round Up

  1. Great post. Yes, it’s time for people to let it go regarding Michael Vick. Sure he was wrong, but he paid his debt and served his time. Nice to see the Orioles won a game last night; hopefully this win will start a different kind of streak and not be just a blip in the annual swoon.

  2. Regardless of how you feel about Vick, it was a stupid move by the Eagles. Many Eagle fans are irate (I live in the Philly area) and for signing a player they don’t really need in a city where the press feasts on these types of stories. A T.O. type player can take them to the Super Bowl. Vick, who hasn’t played in 2 years isn’t that type of player. This is a public relations blunder that will not go away soon.

    • Hey Tony- I have heard and read in the Philly Inquirer that backup QB for McNaab got injured. McNaab is a Pro-Bowler yes, but he needs to have a backup.
      I think that Vick, aside from the PR, can give them another threat if McNaab goes down. Especially if Philly does well and goes into the playoffs. Even if Donovan doesn’t go down, Vick can give them one more threat in that wildcat formation.

      What do you think-

      • Not worth the aggravation to the franchise. The backup QB has a sprained knee and is day-to-day and should play in the next pre-season game.
        The organized protesting by animal groups could be brutal.

      • Thanks for sharing Tony. This issue isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Wonder if it will still have clout if Vick comes back and sees success on the field.

        Prior to Vick’s charges this dog-fighting issue wasn’t much talked about or was simply reserved for pockets of our society. Now it is getting some much needed attention.

        I can barely stomach the things that were done to these poor animals. And for what?

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