So Long Huff Daddy…

     Baltimore Orioles first baseman is no longer Aubrey Huff.  He’s been dealt to Detroit who has a 2 ½ game lead in the AL Central. 

     Apparently, Huff was caught off guard “I’ve been in last place basically my whole career, so this is an exciting time,” he said before touching on his tenure in Baltimore. “I’m real close to a lot of staff and especially a lot of players on this team. It’s definitely emotional. Seeing guys come up, I’ve had a great time with the young guys. … At the same time, for me, it’s really exciting.” (Spencer Fordin article, Orioles website)

     The Orioles have acquired pitching prospect Brett Jacobson who was a fourth round selection in the 2008 draft for Detroit.  Last season in Single A, Jacobson threw 29.2 innings with 2 wins, 2 losses and one save with a 1.52 ERA and a 1.062 WHIP.

     This means Luke Scott and Ty Wigginton will fill in at first base. 

     I’m going to miss Aubrey (and that delicious fist-bump he did versus the Yankees earlier this season) but I think this is a good move and gives some of our younger guys some more playing time while heating up the competition. Not to mention, MacPhail’s commitment to “stock-piling” arms and youth.


2 thoughts on “So Long Huff Daddy…

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  2. All I can say is in Andy we trust. I know he has a plan,it will be fun to see who’s on first next year

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