Let’s Get Physical, Sort of

     “Sexy Rexy” is back in town and he’s looking for his Jets to have the most physical game in the NFL.  Bring it on, Rex.  

Photo courtesy Ravens website.
Photo courtesy Ravens website.

     I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad to see Rex back on our field. I hope he doesn’t get booed.  He’s earned our respect and his recent rant regarding Michael McCrary and Paul Kruger is classic Ryan 101.  What should we expect from this cat, a player’s coach to the core?        

    This will also be the first time that linebacker Bart Scott will be on the wrong side of the sidelines.  We can easily recall Scott’s penchant for hard-hits and trash-talking.  Here’s what running back Willis McGahee said Saturday at a press conference:

“To tell you the truth, I think it’s going to be more than just bragging rights,” McGahee hinted. “People want to go after each other this game just because you’ve got Rex on one end and coach [John] Harbaugh on the other. So, it’s going to be quite interesting.”

I’m sure there will be some woofing by Scott. The guy loves to talk trash and is looking to solidify himself as the “Man” in New York. I’m sure Ryan will throw some blitzes at the Ravens’ quarterbacks. He can’t help himself.

     Former Raven and safety, Jim Leonhard also suits up on the opposing side.    

     Not that this matters much (being preseason), especially for our starters who have cemented their roles, but the Ravens are 4-1 against the Jets at M & T Bank Stadium (1-1 in preseason, 3-0 when it counts).  Our regulars will be getting more playing time and I’m just hoping that nobody gets hurt. 

     For those who are keeping score: the Ravens are 4-7 in Monday night football contests, 3-2 at home. 

    Maybe we will see the Jets in the post-season? 

     Go Ravens!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical, Sort of

  1. Go Ravens, indeed! Really, it doesn’t matter who wins, just want no one of importance to get hurt. There are already enough injuries on the team; we don’t need to add to the total.

  2. I wouldn’t care who we played at this point. It doesn’t count anyway. I’m just happy enough to see a football game taking place LOL

    It will be weird to see Bart and Rex in Gang Green tho

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