Go Titans!

     If I have to hear one more word about the terrible towel episode with Tennessee…I might just die of laughter.  That’s good stuff.  Man, it’s so great to be able to smack-talk the Steelers again.  Certainly had no fun dissing the Yankees this baseball season.  (Props to Derek Jeter, by the way- even though he dons the pinstripes, I dig him)

     But with the NFL season just hours away (finally!!!) it’s a new day for everyone.  Sure the Steelers are the defending champs but this rivalry is hot, hot, hot. Can’t get much hotter. So you know, I’m not one for rooting for anyone other than the Ravens (and of course, the Bills) but who in the purple-loving world does not root for the team playing the Steelers?  I’ll bet you can’t name one person.

     Let’s do the NFL dance people!  Purple Friday is just around the corner.


4 thoughts on “Go Titans!

  1. Go who? Wha? Titans? Really? Check the scoreboard…it wasn’t pretty but the Steelers. Got. The. W. Thanks for rooting for the Titans…sorry to disappoint you. But you’re a Ravens fan, you’re used to it huh. 🙂

    heh heh heh 😉

    • Scoreboard baby. Can you blame a girl for trying?

      That was a great game to watch tho, in spite of the outcome!

  2. I only got a chance to see a small part of the game, but from what I saw and have heard, it was a great opening game. But the season doesn’t really open until the The Ravens play. Go Ravens. Super Bowl bound.

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