Lights Out For Bolts; Thanks Ray!

     Baltimore fans nearly stroked out watching that magnificent matchup against San Diego Sunday afternoon.  Just when we thought we could not take one more second— the Chargers kept themselves in it and Rivers was having his way with our secondary—  Ray comes up big.   Real big.  Putting the exclamation point on the 31-26 victory! 

     Ravens win, Ravens win-  31-26!

     And let’s not forget the other, too close for comfort play with less than a minute left, when CB Frank Walker botched a td pass in the end zone.  Brilliant.  Rivers cannot be a happy camper, putting up 474 yards of offense but foiled in the end.


4 thoughts on “Lights Out For Bolts; Thanks Ray!

  1. Molly, you are so right. It was about all I could take.
    That Ray Lewis stop I could watch a million times and never get tired of it. Just so glad we now have some offense to pick up the slack when the defense isn’t at its best. Can’t remember the last time, if ever that I could say that.

    Though I will wonder: why did Norv Turner, seeing the success he had throwing all game, call a run up the gut on the biggest play of the game? Knowing full well that the Chargers were unsuccessful running against that defense all game long? Sometimes you get gifts from the opposition; taking nothing away from Ray’s great play, but that call was a gift for the Ravens, and they took it.

    Go Ravens!

  2. I love Ray.. everything bad I said about him this offseason, I have to take back. he’s a great player and I’m SOOOOO glad he’s still here. Best play of the week IMO

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