Melo’s Got New Doo & New Kicks

     Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show earlier this week.  The Denver Nuggets star is sporting a new look— sans braids— still has that signature baby face but now looks all growed up.  He credited Obama for his new look and change.   

     Then I saw a you tube video which showed Melo losing a video game where he bet his hair. No matter.  He still looks like a changed man. 

     As part of the Kimmell interview, Melo was pimping his new line of sneakers.  He also claims he has 300-400 sneakers.  Really?  His new sneaker is a part of the Air Jordan brand.  And he discussed his relationship with MJ calling him a mentor and friend.  And boss.

     The best part of the interview came when Kimmell asked Melo about Syracuse University naming a building after him.  Melo’s answer cracked me up…see below  

    Melo has put his money where his mouth is, giving back to the three cities in which he has seen so much success: Baltimore, Syracuse and Denver.  It is so refreshing seeing him grow up before our eyes and set a better example for the kids who worship him. 

     Go Melo!


One thought on “Melo’s Got New Doo & New Kicks

  1. SOOOO glad Melo has cleaned up his image. Ever since “Stop Snitching” came out and the arrest he has really tried to clean his image. Kudos and B-More love you Melo!

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