Not So Pretty In Pink

     Amidst the Ravens 27-21 loss to New England, did you notice the color pink getting some extra play on the gridiron? Of course you did.  Flacco was sporting the cleats, Rice had the arm bands, Mason had the gloves.  A lot of the NFL players, and coaches, got in on the act.  

     October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL  launched a “Crucial Catch” program as part of a national reminder for women to get their screenings. All of the pink gear will be autographed and auctioned off at the NFL auction site here.   Be sure to check it out!


     So the pink gear was the bright spot.  Perhaps the only bright spot for me in this week of football.  Week four has been a doozie.  I’m struggling to get a win in my pool and getting it handed to me in fantasy.  Add to that, the Ravens let Brady and company slip away with that win…it is just not pretty.


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