Talk About a Super Kid! We Need More Marlo Mosley’s!


The talented 11-year old Marlo Mosley, NFL PLAY 60’s SuperKid was not shy when it came to her interview question with Cam Newton. 

Just love her enthusiasm. Its hard not to gush when you are watching this young girl amidst the media circus of, er…media day at SuperBowl 50 ask one of her hero’s how to train to be a great quarterback. She sure does a great job!

One thing is for sure, she’s got a dream in her heart and it doesn’t have anything to do with a microphone!

An avid 49ers fan and wide receiver for her Pop Warner football team, Mosley’s “dream is to become an NFL head coach because I’m a trailblazer and I would love to share my passion for football at the professional level,”she stated in her submission video.

-Excerpt from NFL PLAY 60 press release

We are hoping this won’t be the…

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