Opening Doors


One day I am at Lifeway (Christian store) with my good friend and editor, Kelly White. At the time, I was reading a lot of football biographies- James Brown, Tony Dungy- which were all written by Nathan Whitaker.

As I stood in front of the book shelf, I grabbed my next read. It was Tim Tebow’s book, also written by Whitaker. So I pointed to the author’s name and said to Kelly, and I quote:

“I want to be the next Nathan Whitaker.”

An avid reader pretty much my entire life, guess how many times I’ve said I wanna be the next blah, blah, author up until that point?

Exactly zero.

Fast forward two years and I am headed to the grocery store after doing my regular volunteer gig at Homecoming Project, Inc. Kelly has been asking me if I could consult on a fiction football book she’s been editing…

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