UPDATED: Cracking Eggs & Golden Gloves, Cody’s On It

     Cody Eisner’s fight at DuBurns Arena scheduled for May 29 has been cancelled.

     Fallston’s golden-boy boxer, Cody Eisner has been busy these days. Not only is he training to take to the ring next Friday (May 29, DuBurns Arena) but he’s also preparing for his first serious road trip as a boxer— the National Golden Gloves in Las Vegas. 

     Aside from the assault he’s launching on his body and mind to prepare (new trainer, new routines and a nutritionist), Cody has  been campaigning.  Sort of.  Recently, he was featured in the Press Box online, check out that article here.  Plus he’s been doing some meet and greets with perspective sponsors while he ratchets up his game for the next level.

Waiting for the outcome....

     First things first: last time these two (above) tangoed, it seemed a no-brainer and Cody came out victorious. At the time, however, there were grumblings from the opposition. So, this battle could prove to be an interesting match-up.  But even if this cat does have a taste for some Eisner, Cody remains dogged:  

He did have reach and height over me. But I didn’t respect his power. He couldn’t crack the side of an eggshell.  And you can say that, too! I’m excited for this fight because I want to knock him out.” 

    While the Junior Olympics is still in Cody’s sights (2010), his team decided the National Golden Gloves in Las Vegas was a better fit. It will super-size his boxing experience.  If you recall, Cody made no excuses in his loss for the Maryland Golden Gloves.  But he’s ranked number 2 in the state and can’t wait to represent.   

     Bobby McGruder helps organize the tournament and said this will be a good chance for Cody.  “When a kid goes to a tournament out of state, they gain so much experience. He’ll be around the best and he’ll see what the best is all about.  You learn so much.”

     With this venue there are three rings going at all times and there’s a lot of bouts packed into three days, “he’ll come back with 20-plus fights experience,” said McGruder.  

      It will be a grueling road that will test this 16-year old’s resolve.  It will push him to his limit like never before.  But he’s not looking at it like that.  He seems more pumped than anything.   

To be representing Maryland is a big adrenaline rush. It’s going to give me a national rank and I’m going to have a lot more experience. Of course, I want to go there and win but if I don’t win it’s going to be okay. Its about  experience.”   

     That is Cody’s attitude: taking it all in stride while working boldly to achieve his goals, one egg at a time.  

     To help defer costs for Cody’s training, travel and growing team, there is a bull-roast scheduled for Saturday, June 27.  This event has approximately 50 tickets left so call Andy Eisner at 443-617-3115 for more information NOW.


Cody’s Victory, Ringside View

Ringside gives you an interesting perspective.  Up close and personal with all the action.  And at times, it can be a little too close.  Can’t keep your face permanently affixed to the camera, especially when the boxers are nearby.  Amazing how in the ring, with all that space- the referree often takes the best picture!

Have Fans, Will Travel

Waiting for the winner...
Waiting for the outcome...
DuBurns Arena
Cody wins!

They are more than just cheerleaders, they are athletes too.  But on Friday night, Ashley Olhausen (16), Audrey Baldwin (17), McKenzie Hannahs (16) and Amanda Mathis (18) were preparing to watch their first live boxing match, and they were ready to holler. These Fallston girls had been talking about this all week. 

They noted that one of their very own, Cody Eisner gets a lot of play during the school’s announcements.  So they decided to come out and show their support.  And did they ever show it, duct tape and all.  These girls were so pumped, they mentioned it to some of their C. Milton Wright (CMW) friends.  They might be rivals on the baseball diamond, but not for this.  The CMW gang was primed too. 

Sporting Iron for their boy.

Cody did not disappoint. He came out swinging, landing him another win and putting his record at 7-1. 

How did it go for him?  Good.  Did he get hurt?  No.  Cody’s strategy? “My plan was to get in there and work the body real close to him because he had real long arms.”

Things don’t always go as planned.  But tonight, for Cody they did.  “He didn’t have any power so I tried to go out there and hit him with some hard shots in the first [round].  The only thing he had on me was his reach, but he had no power whatsoever.   I didn’t respect his power— I mean, I respect him as a fighter, but not his power.” 

The two previous battles saw hard-hitting fights that were pretty evenly matched.  And there was blood.  Does the sight of blood make Cody feel tentative?  Absolutely not.  “I’m not worried about getting knocked out or anything like that. The way I am going to win is by being comfortable and sticking to my game.”  

It was a special night, in more ways than one.  Cody is used to traveling for his matchups, but his cheering section ratcheted up the volume when Cody was announced and he appreciated it. “[Being from] Harford County- it’s good it gives me more energy and more confidence going in. DuBurns Arena

Cody was also injected with some new venom once he was done. “Right after the fight, they asked me if I could get down to 138 [pounds] and I told them yeah. They want to put me in the Junior Olympics next month.”  Cody currently weighs 140 pounds.

“That’s my goal now, the Junior Olympics.   I’m going to do as many fights as I can, the more the merrier. Win or lose it’s going to get me ready and that’s what I’m all about right now, getting that experience.”  Cody lamented. That and losing two pounds.

DuBurns Arena

After his Golden Gloves appearance, Cody was named sportsman of the year. The award, given annually, goes to two boxers who show good sportsmanship before, during and after a fight.  His opponent, Mike Reed was also a winner. 

“It doesn’t matter who won or lost, but they both went over to the opposing corner— and it was a close fight— and congratulated each other.  And it was just a nice thing.  I had to honor them,” said Bobby McGruder who was responsible for picking the winners.

Cody shows no mercy with his left hook.
Cody shows no mercy with his left hook.