Demon Deacons Outed By Terps!

The Terrapin Club Banner hangs at Della Rosa's in White Marsh.
The Terrapin Club Banner hangs at Della Rosa's in White Marsh.

Out-played. Out-rebounded. Out-coached.  Just plain outed.  Because on paper, Maryland didn’t stand much of a chance against the towering team from Wake Forest.

Still, the Terps served up a sizzling entree of humiliation to the #9-seed Demon Deacons. It was a 75-64 win, a beautiful thing.  It helped that Wake had their worst shooting game of the season. But what helped more was Maryland capitalizing, and them finally playing like we all knew they could!  

Everyone on the red side contributed:  Greivis Vasquez, 22 points;  Sean Mosley, 12 points; Eric Hayes, 11 points and Dave Neal, 10 points.  

Maryland  moves on to the semi-final round of the ACC, lacing up tomorrow at 3:30 against the winner of the Duke and Boston College game. 

Della Rose’s was packing them in tight for the game. And the majority of the fans were rooting for the Terps.  But there is always one who goes against the grain, isn’t there?

iDon't get angry at Matt, he loves the Orioles...just isn't it to Maryland.
Don't get angry at Matt, he loves the Orioles...just isn't into Maryland.

   Meet Matt Belardi of Baltimore City. He’s not into the Terps.  So much so, that not only was he rooting for Wake Forest to win but he said he “doesn’t want to see the Terps make it” into the NCAA tourney.  Whatever dude!  Still Belardi was a friendly Duke-lover who dislikes the Terps. 


Zach Eick was working hard on when the Terps handed it to Wake.
Zach Eick was working hard too as the Terps handed it to Wake.
Then there was 18-year old Zach who goes to Calvert Hall. He was on duty working and tireless in his efforts to keep tables clean and customers happy.  Thanks Zach!  This former football and lacrosse player seemed happy that Maryland reeled in the win. 
Corrinne Keifer was just happy!
Corinne Keifer was just happy!
Corinne Keifer of Joppatowne was just thrilled to be out and about, enjoying the earlier Happy Hour with some friends for her sister Lauren’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Lauren!  Although Lauren had departed from Della Rosa’s, Keifer still had her game-face on throughout the Terps victory. And after.  It was a good happy hour.
On my way home, I had the opportunity to listen to freshman and Baltimore native, Sean Mosley (St. Frances Academy) get interviewed on the radio after the game.  I’ve never heard him speak before so this was a cool first moment for me. 
He sounded pumped yet poised, like a veteran who said all the right things.  He was called out by the radio announcer saying so, “you sound like a veteran with that kind of answer.”  You could actually hear the smile in Mosley’s voice when he responded, “well yeah, that was a good answer.”  They began laughing and so did I. 
The announcer proceeded to say that Mosley was grinning from ear-to-ear. It was neat. He’s definitely going to be a fun one to watch!   
It’s always nice to listen to these intervews and hear the excitement in the player’s voice.  Really makes you absorb that energy and just imagine their feelings.  Good for them! Savour this moment right along with them.
Anyway, Terps ‘ fans we are one step closer, Duke has a 3-point lead over Boston College with just less than 4 minutes to play.
Bring them on…whoever they are!

74-69 Terps Win

     Woo-hoo!  Terps take round one in the ACC Tournament.  Leading the charge was Eric Hayes who had a career-high 21 points.  Grieves Vasquez also pitched in with an outstanding all-around effort, 17 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds.

     Next up: Wake Forrest who had a first-round bye.  The Terps met up with the Demon Deacons on March 3 and lost the heart-breaker on the road, 65-63. 

     Go Terps.