Site Rules

My site, my rules.  

  • Want to spew your venom, don’t bother, I’m going to delete it. 
  • No drama here.  None! Nadda. Zilch.  GO AWAY!!!
  • I want it clean and respectful. But passion is good,  just don’t let it get out of hand.  The occassional Yankees suck chants and Steelers (and Redskins) suck chants are acceptable, as this is MD Bird Lover.   All in good fun- people- all in good fun.  It is called smack talk for a reason.  I fully expect it to come back at me so I can unleash my legions of fans on you! 

It is not rocket science, here.  If you wanna be vile and ignorant, find some place else to pollute.  MD Bird Lover does not want you.   

Otherwise, hope you contribute to the conversation from time to time and drop by often. 

Thanks in advance.