So Long Huff Daddy…

     Baltimore Orioles first baseman is no longer Aubrey Huff.  He’s been dealt to Detroit who has a 2 ½ game lead in the AL Central. 

     Apparently, Huff was caught off guard “I’ve been in last place basically my whole career, so this is an exciting time,” he said before touching on his tenure in Baltimore. “I’m real close to a lot of staff and especially a lot of players on this team. It’s definitely emotional. Seeing guys come up, I’ve had a great time with the young guys. … At the same time, for me, it’s really exciting.” (Spencer Fordin article, Orioles website)

     The Orioles have acquired pitching prospect Brett Jacobson who was a fourth round selection in the 2008 draft for Detroit.  Last season in Single A, Jacobson threw 29.2 innings with 2 wins, 2 losses and one save with a 1.52 ERA and a 1.062 WHIP.

     This means Luke Scott and Ty Wigginton will fill in at first base. 

     I’m going to miss Aubrey (and that delicious fist-bump he did versus the Yankees earlier this season) but I think this is a good move and gives some of our younger guys some more playing time while heating up the competition. Not to mention, MacPhail’s commitment to “stock-piling” arms and youth.


Orioles In Community: Pack Up Your Kids, Sharpie

Have you ever heard this one: Why are the Orioles players not out and about as much as the Ravens are? 

Umn, hello… you have two different animals when comparing the schedules of the NFL and the Bigs.

Both are grueling in their own right, but the baseball bigs is an every day grind. Every day- 162 games over six-seven months versus 16 games over four.  You’ve heard you can’t compare apples to oranges, but all too often many Baltimore fans do. 

Cut it out, get out the sharpies and take advantage. Look who is on deck!!!!


On Tuesday, May 26, Orioles’ 1B AUBREY HUFF will make an appearance at the ESPNZone at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore from noon to 1 p.m. He will greet fans and sign autographs, as well as participate in a Q&A session with fans. 


On Saturday, May 30, Orioles’ RHP BRIAN BASS will be at the Chick-fil-A in White Marsh. Bass will appear from 11:00 A.M. until noon, and will greet fans and sign autographs. 


Orioles LHP MARK HENDRICKSON will visit the Orioles team store at the Galleria Mall in York, PA on Saturday, May 30 from noon until 1:00 P.M., greeting fans and signing autographs.

My Defining Moment: Huff’s Fist

“I’d like to think I’ve had a pretty good career in nine years and nobody talks about it. I do one fist pump to the Yankees, and I’m like a national celebrity. It’s crazy. I’ve never had so much pub over something so silly.”

Aubrey Huff, to New York media in regards to the infamous fist bump.

If I were doing an O’s commercial, I’d make that Huff move my defining moment for my boys of summer.  Seriously! 

Listen, I’m all about sportsmanship.  But baseball tends to be stiff and that Huff moment was a little slice of heaven.  Over the top?  Come on.    

In spite of my fandom and love for all things orange, I’ve got respect for the stripes.  But still, I’m taking what I can get when I can get it.  After all,  back-to-back-to-back jacks and another painful loss Wednesday night.   Give us our fist bumps when we smack out a shot on you occasionally.

Yankees: You have a (money) lock on the east (all of baseball) for now.  For now.  Hell, that is what made Huff’s move over a week ago that much



Not much for country, but Huff has a nice voice.