Johnny Unitas’ Life Celebrated At Sports Legends Museum

Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards will host a program entitled “A Hero In Our City, The Life and Times of Legendary Baltimore Colt, Johnny Unitas” on Saturday, March 14th, starting at 1:00 p.m.

A special panel made up of author/columnist Michael Olesker; Director of the Walters Art Museum Dr. Gary Viken; former Baltimore Colt Running Back and Unitas’ teammate Tom Matte; and Deputy Director of the Babe Ruth Museum John Ziemann will discuss what made John Unitas a hero in Baltimore and what defines a icon in our culture.

In his best selling book, “The Colts’ Baltimore,” Olesker took a nostalgic look at the 1958 Colts and Baltimore’s love affair with players such as Unitas. Dr. Viken will discuss the comparison in our culture between sports heroes and classic heroes, while Matte, who played with Unitas on the Colts from 1961-1972, will provide a unique perspective to life on the football field with legendary quarterback.  

Finally, Ziemann, who also served as the President of the Baltimore Colts’ Marching Band, will discuss the Unitas collection on display at Sports Legends Museum and how Unitas’ legacy has evolved since his death in 2002. The program is free to the public, but there are a limited number of tickets being issued for this event.  

To reserve tickets in advance, contact John Ziemann at the Museum at 410.727.1539 ext. 3023, or via e mail at   Tickets will not be mailed in advance, but will be kept at the door on March 14th.

Following the program, each person with a program ticket will have the opportunity to receive an autograph from Matte.


History Of 58′ Colts For $5.80 Admission At Sports Legends

Legends, that is what they have become.  Johnny U, Raymond Berry, Gino Marchetti,  the list can go on. And on.  They are Hall-of-Famers who engraved their excellence into Baltimore’s heart with their talent and grit.  They were just like us with regular jobs who acted like regular joes. But when you think about it, there was nothing regular about this group.  

And now this game and their stories are being further memorialized as only legends deserve. And it is in high style and with pristine care that you can witness a slice of the past.  With their authentic and breath-taking style the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards is stepping up to honor this historical game.  

The Museum is offering special admission rates for $5.80 in honor of the “greatest game ever played” which took place December 28, 1958.  This discount will be offered from December 20 to January 4.  

Sports Legends Museum is operated by the Babe Ruth Museum. And let me tell you something, I am betting that this will be a magnficent sight to see!  For a recent assignment I did for the b- Baltimore Sun’s free daily, I met up with Mike Gibbons (Exec. Director) and he was kind enough to show me the archives.  They had some of the most amazing artifacts, including Johnny U’s used game gear, I had ever seen. 

Mike Gibbons holds up Johnny U's used game gear
Mike Gibbons holds up Johnny U's used game gear

As far as I’m concerned, this exhibit is a must see for all football fans.  All football fans- not just those from Baltimore.  Why not take advantage of the price and holiday? 

Sports Legends Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Sunday.  It is closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.  For weather related closings check their website for more information:

Greatest Game Ever Played

December 28, 1958…

Baltimore Colts versus the New York Giants-

Had the extraordinary opportunity to take part in a conference call through the NFL with Frank Gifford and Pat Summerall (NYG) and Raymond Berry and Lenny Moore (Balt.) this past Friday.  It was an amazing conversation…

This game is being televised this Saturday night on ESPN and has been digitally reformatted and will be in color.  I’m expecting it to be a slopppy game- as many of those who took part have stated- however it is on the records books for a reason.   First overtime game in the NFL, the first to be televised to a national audience.   There are other reasons: NY media was on strike so a lot of the national media picked up the story;    12 players from this game made it into the Hall of Fame and 17 people altogether have been inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. 

Tune in to witness the game that changed the NFL…Saturday night