Eight Players Get Eight Teams In This NCAA Tourney

Eight players get eight teams.  Bring on the March Madness. It’s simple really. 

In MDbirdlover’s opinion, this way is a whole lot easier than filling out a bracket.  For me filling out a bracket is a sort of torture akin to doing a spinning class. The entire time I’m doing it I’m like why, why, why!  I feel stressed and ready to quit. Right up until the very end. Then I’m just glad it’s finally over.   

I have heard from people who fill out three or four brackets at a time.  I applaud them!  I’m bewildered with just one.  I will say a multi-bracketed person must be a little insane too.  Or a serious college basketball fan.     

So anyway, I rounded up 8 players and each of them get eight teams.  I drew names for the #1 and #2 seeds. I did the same for #3 and #4 seeds.  However, if a player had a #2-seed they automatically got a #3-seed. If they drew a #1-seed they’d atomatically get a #4.  I did this to try and even things out.  After #1-4 seeds, it was a simple draw- going in order and sequence, trying to anyway.

The one time I participated in this type of pool was at my old job, and it was in the form of a live draft. It was a lot of fun! Of course, we played for money and I won with two of my teams representing in the Final Four. Winning always makes for good memories right!  Plus, it was 2006- the year of the Cinderella team from George Mason (GM) and Jai Lewis and wouldn’t you know, I picked them.  Why?  No clue. I’d like to say it was because they had Maryland players (found that out later), but I’d be fibbing. I had no idea!  (Incidentally, covering GM was my first field assignment as a sports reporter and it was off the hook!!  Thanks Jai.)  

That’s another thing, you don’t have to know anything about these teams to do a bracket. But don’t you feel like you should?  You like that shade of orange in the Syracuse jersey (which really looks red to me) just go with it!  President Obama picked against Arizona and you’re a Republican, go with Arizona!  There is no strategy or bracket smarts.  One upset can create complete chaos in the bracket world. Which is why people like me have a good chance of winning and darn-tooting I’ve filled out my  bracket!        

So anyway back to this version of March Madness. The grand prize goes to the last team standing. What’s the prize?  It’s a surprise!  But let me just say this, it’s going to be SWEET!  Final Four players might get a little something too, it depends on what my ‘sponsors’ are willing to give up…


Jeff:  Michigan St., Villanova, Utah, LSU, Siena, Temple, Mississippi State, Robert Morris

Neil: Pittsburgh, Xavier, Purdue, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, VCU, W. Kentucky, Radford

Aaron: Connecticut, Washington, Florida State, BYU, Tenn., Utah St., Cleveland St., Moorehead

Blaze: Louisville, Wake Forest, Illinois, Ohio State, Butler, Dayton, Akron, Cal St. Northridge

Tom W: Duke, Kansas, W. Va., Clemson, USC, Arizona, N. Dakota St., Chattanooga

Jon P: Memphis, Missouri, Marquette, Texas, Maryland, Wisconsin, American U, Eastern Tennessee State U

Molly: NC, Gonzaga, UCLA, Calif, Morgan, Minn., Northern Iowa, Stephen Austin

Tracy:  Oklahoma, Syracuse, Arizona State, Boston College, Michigan, Portland, Binghamton, Cornell

And away we go!!!


Search: MD Bird Lover

MD (as in Doctor) Bird (as in Orioles and Ravens) and Lover.  Not Maryland birdlover.  MD Bird Lover.  Say it with me: mdbirdlover.  Thanks.

It’s amazing to me- as a rookie administrator of this site- to see how much information I have at my disposal when it comes to MD Bird Lover. The information I’m referring to is the behind-the-scenes stuff that helps me see who is visiting my site and how they got here.  It’s a beautiful thing.  

Every day when I go to my stats page there is a section marked Search Terms. This is what people have googled to get to my site and there have been some funny ones.  For instance, someone was recently looking for a “bird trainer [in] maryland” and landed here.  That was a cheap page view because that person left here highly disappointed.   Do you know a bird trainer in Maryland?  Neither do I. 

Anyway, here is a sampling of search terms that have led people to mdbirdlover, some of them are funny:

Drinking town with football problem

Cal Ripken Pictures

1958 Legends

Michael Phelps bong picture

colts/water bongs

tiffany rotan    

Does the Maryland Sting Pay?

Is Ray Lewis going to Dallas?

Is anyone looking at Jeremy Navarre?

Mike Tyson boxing gloves weigh oz?

Who is Jeremy Navarre’s agent? 

Tom Matte Sports marketing Company?

Greatest Game


Cody Eisner

Also, I’ve seen variations on mdirdlover: md birds love, mdbirdlovers, maryland bird lover, md lover of birds.

You can never stop the searching.  Thanks for finding me and if you have any input, feel free to contact me anytime.

***Added 3/5/09

Where do Ed Reed hang out?

Not going to the preakness 2009

Cavorting With The Enemy: Inside The Mind Of Baltimore Steeler Fan

Today, I go inside enemy lines to try and dissect the mind of Steeler’s fan who lives in this wonderful state of Maryland.  I know, I know… someone has got to do it.  The following is an interview with steelergurl (http://www.steelergurl.wordpress.com), in her own words: (and some of my occassional commentary as well)

Why?  Why, why, why?  Why the Steelers?  Seriously, of all the teams you have to choose from, why them?  I grew up about 2 hours from Pittsburgh.  It was either them or the Eagles….now do you understand the choice?  Seriously, my Dad is THE biggest Steelers fan ever and he rattles off stats like no one I know.  How do I say this, It’s like going to college, I don’t think there was ever a choice.  I was going to college and I was going to be a Steelers fan!

Next you’re going to tell me you are a Yankees fan too.  You seem so nice, so friendly and knowledgeable. And fun even, like the kind of girl I’d say let’s-meet-up-to- watch-a- game together and make up a drink called Purple Passion Rita?  Don’t tell me, please don’t tell me….I don’t want to know if you are a pin-striping loving kinda gal…This is no longer a question but perhaps a warning (I am a freak for my Orioles)  Actually, hate to disappoint.  But I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.  I’m not sure why because they haven’t had a decent team since 92 when they at least made it to the playoffs only to be beaten by those damn Atlanta Braves.  Back in the day, my Dad took me to a bunch of games.  Willie Stargell, Dave Parker….blah blah blah.  Again, not sure there was a choice here… (Nice, seems to have some baseball acumen)

What do you really do with that terrible towel?  Really?  Don’t be shy, this can be an adult post if needed?  Hmmm, well I have two terrible towels.  One from SuperBowl XL and then just a regular old terrible towel.  Right now they hang from the shelf in my son’s room….nothing freaky about it – again sorry to disappoint!

Who is your all-time fave….

Football player?  This is tough.  I have so many.  Old school I think I have to go with Mean Joe.  And today, well, it depends, if I am playing Madden it’s Heath Miller ( I love the Heath Miller special plays), but I think Troy Polmalu is a beast on the field and as far as looks go, there’s nothing better than Hines Ward’s smile!  (She’s hip too, playing Madden and all..go on, girl)

Musical group?  Hmmm, also a tough question.  I’m an old school hip hop kinda girl.  How about some Mos Def? 

Actor? Actress? I don’t have a favorite here…sorry.  I know, Steelergurl isn’t too good with random trivia.  I like a lot of movies, mostly documentaries and foriegn flicks, so it’s just not really relevant to me. 

Baseball player?   Taking it back a few years, I used to love Andy Van Slyke and Barry Bonds (with the Pirates of course).  (Bonds is out!)

Coach? For this I have to answer college, JoePa all the way baby.

Movie? An old movie – His Girl Friday

QB of choice…..Johnny U or Terry Bradshaw?  Terry all the way….(booh!)

Have you ever been to a Ravens game in Baltimore versus Shitsburgh? I mean Pitt.? How was it? Never been to a game in B-more though I have sat in traffic BECAUSE of a game in B-more!!  (That’s a shame really but on the flip-side it’s not all bad… black and gold should be outlawed in B-more)

What do you think the Ravens have going for them when they play Sunday?  The Ravens have an outstanding defense.  I also think there’s something to be said for our teams!  I just told this story earlier today but I will tell it again.  I met Peyton Manning at an event about year ago and he told this story about how when he lines p ready to snap the ball the person he fears most on the other side is Ray Lewis.  He said Ray will come at you, hit you hard and then grind you a little into the ground before he lets you up – then he says, “Come on man, get up, because I am gonna be right back here in about 30 seconds.”  That’s what Baltimore has going for it.  Along with pick machine Ed Reed in the secondary.   (She’s so smart, and obviously well-connected judging from the Peyton story!)

Did we cover why you are a Steelers fan already?  Yes, you did – and I make my dad proud with my Steelergurl blog…he taught me well! Plus, let me add this in…what both our teams have in common besides a no joke defense are coaches who are class acts.  What I love about the Steelers is that there aren’t any TO’s or just plain “divas” on the field.  Everyone has a job to do and that’s what they come out to do.  If Hines Ward doesn’t get a 100 yards every game you don’t hear him crying…he’s there to win, not guarantee his Hall of Fame membership despite the rest of the team.  I think Baltimore is like that too in a lot of ways.  It’s about winning, coming out and playing tough and grinding out a win week after week.  (Valid point here)

Would you rather have a drink with Big Ben Cheeseburger or up-and-coming Joe Flacco (we will throw in Kyle Boller for good measure and looks)
Can’t I have a drink with Hines Ward?  Or even James Farrior???  Both Ben and Joe are way too young for me anyway.  Hell, how about the choice between Mike Tomlin or John Harbaugh – now we’re talking about a decision….and I can’t make it…can I have a drink with both? (and throw in Hines just because!)  (This girl has got game, I mean to pull out the coaches line= class act in my book)

Game score for Sunday:???  I’m saying the score will be 17-10 Steelers (Whatev)

Thanks steelergurl, we appreciate your time. 

I don’t know about anybody else, but I cannot fault steelergurl for following in her father’s footsteps.  I mean, really.  She knows the x’s and o’s, she’s passionate and has character.  Perhaps we Ravens fans have more in common than we’d care to admit with the Steelers’ fans?  Just like our teams do?  We are all old-school, scrappy and intelligent.  Plus, we are way too much fun, I might add.  In addition, when it is game time, it is game on- friends or not…

So to steelergurl I can only say this: damn girl…props to your Pops.  You are pretty cool so best of luck on Sunday (b/c you are going to need it) because you are going down, sister!  Woo-hoo, go RAVENS!

Steelergurl’s website is www.mediafrenzycommunications.com though that has everything to do with business and nothing to do with football!