Melo’s Got New Doo & New Kicks

     Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show earlier this week.  The Denver Nuggets star is sporting a new look— sans braids— still has that signature baby face but now looks all growed up.  He credited Obama for his new look and change.   

     Then I saw a you tube video which showed Melo losing a video game where he bet his hair. No matter.  He still looks like a changed man. 

     As part of the Kimmell interview, Melo was pimping his new line of sneakers.  He also claims he has 300-400 sneakers.  Really?  His new sneaker is a part of the Air Jordan brand.  And he discussed his relationship with MJ calling him a mentor and friend.  And boss.

     The best part of the interview came when Kimmell asked Melo about Syracuse University naming a building after him.  Melo’s answer cracked me up…see below  

    Melo has put his money where his mouth is, giving back to the three cities in which he has seen so much success: Baltimore, Syracuse and Denver.  It is so refreshing seeing him grow up before our eyes and set a better example for the kids who worship him. 

     Go Melo!


Raw Nuggets

“Even before I twisted my ankle, with my stomach, I didn’t have my legs early in the game. I felt like I didn’t have any energy. Those IVs were a must. They helped a little bit. I’ll be OK for Wednesday.”

-Carmelo Anthony in an AP report published on Yahoo Sports regarding game four of the Western Conference finals against the Lakers. 120-101, Denver wins and ties the series up at two games apiece.

So let me get this straight: Melo’s hugging the porcelain god game day with a busted up ankle, gets hydrated from an IV and still manages to drop 15 against the mighty, mighty Lakers?  

I like it.  

The story here isn’t so much about Baltimore’s Superman. It is the Nuggets scoring machine and their bench: Chauncey Billups and JR Smith both with 24; Nene Hilario, 14; Kenyon Martin, 13; Dahntay Jones, 12.

“It was important for everyone to step up. We had a bunch of guys step up today. I know the past two, three games our bench hasn’t been as productive as they have been in the playoffs, but tonight those guys stepped up.” Melo said.

As a side note, you’ve probably heard that Denver double-booked its facility with the WWE (RAW wrestling) right? Vince McMahon used this as opportunity to challenge the Nuggets front office.  How about that for some free publicity for this fledgling sport? 

(By the way- game three Saturday night saw the Lakers take it late,103-97.  Another tough loss as Melo and company seemed to have this one the entire game.)

Gotta love indulging in Baltimore sportsters though! 

Last July, pre-gold medal Olympian, Melo had a special unveiling at Sports Legends Museum with some of his gear on display.  He's shown here with his Mom, seeming a bit surprised and delighted by the collection.
Last July, pre gold-medal Olympian, Melo had a special unveiling at Sports Legends Museum with some of his gear on display. He's shown here with his Mom, a bit surprised and delighted by the collection.


Baltimore's own....
Baltimore's own....

 Get better Melo!  And fast….

Melo Shines, Cuban Gets Punked

     Denver lost it 119-117 against the Mavericks last night but they are “still in control” says Carmelo Anthony.   In this NBA playoff battle for the west, the Nuggets lead the series 3-1.  And Melo is not moved. He’s got this.  Baltimore boy, baby-faced Melo dropped a career playoff best 41 points in the loss.   

     Memo to Mark Cuban— dude, it’s never smart to diss a child to their mother (or father, for that matter).  What were you thinking?  If you haven’t heard: Cuban, after a loss to the Nuggets, told Kenyon Martin’s Mom her son was a punk.  NOT COOL. Supposedly there was a controversial call that helped the Nuggets take that game, so maybe Cuban felt justified.  Still, not cool.

    Denver hosts the Mavs for game 5 Wednesday night, 10:30 pm (TNT).  I’ve not been lucky enough to watch much of this action but from what I am reading, this series seems pretty intense.