Go Titans!

     If I have to hear one more word about the terrible towel episode with Tennessee…I might just die of laughter.  That’s good stuff.  Man, it’s so great to be able to smack-talk the Steelers again.  Certainly had no fun dissing the Yankees this baseball season.  (Props to Derek Jeter, by the way- even though he dons the pinstripes, I dig him)

     But with the NFL season just hours away (finally!!!) it’s a new day for everyone.  Sure the Steelers are the defending champs but this rivalry is hot, hot, hot. Can’t get much hotter. So you know, I’m not one for rooting for anyone other than the Ravens (and of course, the Bills) but who in the purple-loving world does not root for the team playing the Steelers?  I’ll bet you can’t name one person.

     Let’s do the NFL dance people!  Purple Friday is just around the corner.


Go To Your Happy Place: Ravens Got Next?

     Today the Steelers bask in that delicious Tampa Bay sunlight.  It’s wrong, I know.  Gut-wrenching, I feel you.  But we can dream a little, can’t we? Let’s just go to our happy place…     

     Could the Ravens be the AFC reps in the next Super Bowl?  With so many open items for Baltimore (free-agent situation and the draft), it’s hard for even the smartest of fans to overlook all the questions.  Still, I asked them to. 

     Here are some of mdbirdlover’s readers chiming in and focusing on our very own Baltimore Ravens on a day where it is supposed to be about Pittsburgh and Arizona.  Whatever!  Join the conversation in the comment section.  Everyone has a take.  

“Pay Ray, get  a wide receiver Heyward Bey from Maryland would be nice a local boy….IN OZZIE WE TRUST”       -Neil

Neil and Mike at season opener.
Neil and Mike at season opener.

 “Up here in Pa. all we are reading and hearing [about is the Steelers].  I hate it.  I am already going through [Ravens] withdrawal. I miss my Ravens so much. And I keep praying they will pay Ray.Ozzie if your listening- ‘Keep the Heart of our team here in B-more!’  My prediction for next year is 12 & 4 and we will go to the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh will not beat us three times next year.”        –Dena

Dena (R) is a die-hard Ravens fan!
Dena (R) is a die-hard Ravens fan waiting at Owings Mills after the Pittsburgh loss!

“If the Ravens get the T-Sizzle hometown package and
If the Ravens get some additional depth at several key positions (cornerback and wide receiver specifically) and
If the Ravens have some youthful players step up (particularly on defense)
If the Ravens draft well/acquire some game breakers/play makers on offense and
If the Ravens have Joe Flacco show continuous improvement from his rookie season,

THEN, the Ravens should at least make the Super Bowl, and possibly win. I won’t say they have to make it to the game and win it to have a successful season, but we have to see improvement and growth in several key areas. Of course, the only improvement from this past season is getting to the Super Bowl, and if they get there, winning the Super Bowl.”       -Tracy

“The road to the Super Bowl XLIV is wide open.”Jen